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A detailed profile of the plant-eating Argentinosaurus, the largest creature to ever walk the earth. We find out how large their babies were and what size they would eventually grow up to. We discover how large and heavy this creature was through some rather startling comparisons and see what would happen to us if we got too close to this Prehistoric giant!
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8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used as part of a lesson on writing journalistic reports. Pupils can be given an evidence sheet with various columns on what they need to research and find out. The clip can then be played and pupils can complete their sheet. Following a discussion and a look at the style of newspaper reports, they would then be able to use this to create their own report about the Argentinosaurus. Children could use this as a basis for writing a recount of an event or writing from the perspective of one of the dinosaurs.

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