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Dr Watson meets Stapleton on the moors. He is clearly suspicious of him and is later warned to leave this dangerous place and return to London. The wild and barren moors provide the perfect backdrop to the gothic setting of this novel.
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1 July 2006

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to focus students on character structure and imagery in the text. Students can build a case file on Stapleton, identifying character attributes and relationships with the other characters in the story. They should consider possible motives but also the ideas he represents in the story (eg social class or significance of archaeology) and how these balance with other characters. They should also consider the significance and metaphorical meanings of the moor and techniques such as foreshadowing or dramatic irony. They can also identify clues as they appear both to the audience and characters within the story. To test ideas about character and story, students can role-play calling Stapleton or his wife in for questioning.

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