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Actor Adjoa Andoh examines different interpretations of the sleepwalking scene in William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. She argues that this scene shows that there are elements of tenderness to Lady Macbeth's character.
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19 March 1998

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, students could be asked how this scene should be played. Short audio recordings could be made and discussed. Show the clip and discuss the interpretations and how far students agree with the opinions offered. Can be used to help students to explore alternative interpretations of this scene and gain more in-depth knowledge of the language. Students can work in groups of three (Lady Macbeth, Doctor, theatre director). Students could devise their own version of the scene, editing it and staging it in any way they wish. After watching each other's performances, can students say what new knowledge and understanding they have acquired about Lady Macbeth's character and the situation she is in?