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A range of regular and irregular adjectives are used to describe a person's physical appearance and personality. Adjectives of colour, size and characteristics are used to describe someone such as your friend or partner. Demonstrates how to use adjectives correctly when purchasing clothes and highlights the huge fashion market in France. A role play between shop assistant and customer when buying clothes helps to identify key role play structures and reinforces correct use of adjectives of colour and size.
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10 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to model personal descriptions as part of a piece of speaking/ writing about family and friends. As well as adjectives, also contains more complex phrases, e.g. 'Il me fait rire' and 'Je l'aime beaucoup', which could be further extended with justified opinions. For more able students, descriptions could be adapted to the conditional tense, e.g 'Mon partenaire idéal serait/ aurait...'

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