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This clip follows a safety officer in a Pyrenean ski resort. Saint-Lary is a popular ski resort in the Pyrenees. An important job in this resort is to be responsible for the safety of others on the slopes. The work includes recording minimum and maximum temperatures to predict the likelihood of an avalanche. The safety officers also look after the safety and wellbeing of people on the slopes with the help of rescue dogs.
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6 December 2007

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, children could be asked to discuss the difference between a mountain and a hill. They could use atlases, maps and globes to locate all the other mountainous areas in the world. Classes could be split into groups, with each group producing a presentation on their particular mountainous area - looking at location, what the landscape is like, what people do there, if it is a tourist location. This could then be shared with everyone else. The clip could be used to stimulate a debate on the effect tourism has on an area. Children could be asked to think about the pros and cons for the area shown on the clip and then they could start to think of their own local area. Children could produce posters promoting or protesting against tourism in their locality and/ or write persuasive arguments to use in a 'class debate' on tourism in their area.

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