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A short animation where we see two Carcharodontosaurs fighting and close-ups of the giant carnivore roaring.
This clip is from:
Planet Dinosaur
First broadcast:
8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used in a lesson on the correct use of speech marks and narration. Pupils could be asked to think about the conversation as it plays out and write it out. Key words could be displayed on the board (such as 'he', 'she', 'said' and 'asked') and pupils could be tested on whether they are able to place speech and narration in the correct places in relation to the quotation marks. The clip could again be used as a gentle way of explaining any mistakes. Children could write presentational links like the ones that are used to introduce the content of a television show before the opening titles roll. Scenes could be paused and children can collate lists of powerful vocabulary to describe the scene. The paused screen/ event can be described in a short paragraph to develop setting, sentence structure and vocabulary. Children can place themselves in the scene and write in the first person from the perspective of the subject describing its emotions and its awareness of surroundings.