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A badger is seen exploring a town at night. The badger goes to a variety of places, hunting for food and exploring an adventure playground. The commentary is from the badger's perspective and discusses why badgers prefer to come out at night with reference to light and vision.
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8 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to introduce the topic of plants and animals in the local environment. Ask the children to watch the clip and discuss with a partner what they find out about badgers. The children can then carry out further research and could use the role-play area to design and make a ‘Badger Café’ serving the typical food that a badger would eat and designed in a way similar to its habitat. Could also be used to study variation - the children could carry out a ‘Tale of tails’ project where they compare different animals who have tails and compare their functions and uses. They could then design their own human ‘tail’ and say what they would use it for.

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