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Alf (Warren Mitchell) stands for the National Anthem and gives a trenchant speech on the importance of respect for the Queen. The dialogue and humour in the scene centre around the conflict between traditional working class deference and the modern liberal view of daughter Rita (Una Stubbs) and Mike (Tony Booth). Alf's fiery views are further undermined by the homely traditional view of his wife Elsie (Dandy Nichols). The sitcom ran on BBC One from 1965 until 1975 with various spin-offs. It was written by Johnny Speight who often gave Alf highly controversial views. This episode was first broadcast on 26 December 1966.
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8 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

The clip can be used to demonstrate the typical conventions of a TV comedy. Can be used to discuss with the class which conventions show in this clip can still be found in modern TV sitcoms, and which ones are no longer common. Conduct an examination of the mise-en-scene. Challenge students to recreate of different Christmas scenes in middle and upper class homes. This can be informed by other sitcom clips also available. Analyse the script and the use of colloquial phrases.

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