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From the 1999 adaptation of 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens. Pip visits a deteriorating Miss Havisham to question her about Estella and her upbringing. Pip is clearly a changed man and the roles have noticeably reversed between these two characters. He confronts Miss Havisham using powerful language and explains Estella's current predicament, which ironically reflects that of Miss Havisham. Clearly distressed by this news, Miss Havisham sets fire to herself and her crumbling mansion.

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to form the basis of a precis entitled 'Miss Havisham: victim or villain'. Students can discuss this premise with reference to the text. Students will need to explore Miss Havisham's background and her own troubled childhood ie she was spoilt by her father and her mother died when Miss Havisham was young. Students should also consider the events surrounding her relationship to Compeyson. Students must conclude their ideas and be able to persuade others of their point of view.

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