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An extract from 'Threads', a feature length drama following two families in Sheffield during the build-up and aftermath of a nuclear strike on Britain.

Jimmy is soon to be married and has his mind on enjoying his remaining days as a single man, while his father is worried about the future. In the background the radio news reports the rising tension between the nuclear powers.

'Threads' was written by novelist Barry Hines. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 23 September 1984 and attracted 6.9 million viewers.
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8 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be used to prompt discussion of the importance of mise-en-scène and connotation in establishing meaning. Key areas to focus on could include the contrasts between the two scenes, the nature of the dialogue in the first scene, the fact that it is set in an allotment and so on. As an extension, students could be asked to provide an introductory scene or film trailer (from YouTube, for example) and talk briefly about the key mise-en-scène aspects (good examples may include the opening of 'Mission: Impossible 2', the trailer for 'Sherlock Holmes', the opening of 'The Shining' and so on).

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