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Demetrius goes to the woods to find Hermia, with Helena in hot pursuit. Demetrius tries to reject Helena but she persists in declaring her love for him.

DEMETRIUS Alex Hassell
HELENA Lucy Briggs-Owen

Directed by Nancy Meckler
Designed by Katrina Lindsay
Lighting designed by Wolfgang Gobbel
Music by Keith Clouston
Sound designed by Gregory Clarke
Movement direction and choreography by Liz Rankin
Assistant Director Drew Mulligan
This clip is from:
First broadcast:
15 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip will enable discussion on the characters of Demetrius and Helena, their relationship and comparisons with other lovers in the play. Before watching the scene, ask students to predict how they think Helena and Demetrius will speak and act around each other. How does it feel to be with someone who likes you more than you like them? How do they think the actors will express this physically? After watching the scene, ask students to discuss the portrayal of Helena and Demetrius' relationship, especially where Helena offers to be Demetrius' spaniel. What did the staging, with Helena 'fetching' Demetrius' shoe, add to the interpretation of the characters and their relationship?

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