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Dominica, an island in the Caribbean Sea, can experience up to 20cm of rainfall in 24 hours during the rainy season. Frequent hurricanes are a threat to lives and property. Our guide explains the preparations for the hurricane season on the island.
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1 May 2008

Classroom Ideas

Pupils can view the clip and pay particular interest to the account of the hurricane in 1995 provided by the child in the clip. The pupils can then be encouraged to prepare a short drama where they act out being caught in a hurricane in Dominica. They should be encouraged to add facts and feelings to their drama through words and actions. After some time, pupils can share their drama with the rest of the class. The pupils could then use this work to write a diary entry, as if they had been caught in a hurricane. They should be encouraged to use some of the facts from the clip and the emotive language which they heard in the clip and the subsequent drama session.

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