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Ibrahim, a young Arab, gives his personal views on life and politics in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates. He first shows us around his male-only technology college, and explains how he prefers to study separately from women. He says that people are quite comfortable with the rulers in Dubai and do not need democracy. He also says that if you have a problem or concern, you can approach the Royal Family directly and ask them to solve it. He argues that every political system is different and you cannot judge them without experiencing it.
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12 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be used to introduce the topic of cultural diversity. Pupils could be put into groups. Half the class could research the positives and negatives aspects of living in the United Kingdom where there is a democratic electoral system as well as an unelected monarchy. The other half of the class could look at the positives and negatives of living in Dubai and explain how the system of government there differs from that of the UK. The groups could then mix together, offer feedback to each and exchange ideas to inform and add to their original work.