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Karl and Blue Peter presenter Andy perform some beat-boxing. Karl goes on to combine beat-boxing with playing the didgeridoo. Both beat-boxing and playing the didgeridoo require breath control and the ability to position your lips. To play the didgeridoo you need to be able to make a raspberry sound with your lips. The three basic skills of beat-boxing are hi-hat, kick drum and snare. All these skills are combined to produce didgeridoo beat-box freestyle.
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Primary Class Clips, Music
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5 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

Like the presenters in the clip, the children could practise blowing raspberry sounds and they could talk about which other instruments you need to blow into. This can be an introduction to wind instruments with cross-curricular links with Australia and instruments from around the world. In groups the class could form their own beatbox band. One group could be the hi-hat, the next the snare, another the kick drum and the last the didgeridoo. In Design and Technology, they could have a project to design and make a didgeridoo which they could then use in their composition.

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