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Interviewee John Parkinson talks about his father's role in the shipyard as a joiner. Mr Parkinson remembers being taken to the shipyard to see the ship propped on the slipway. He describes watching Titanic sail up Belfast Lough the day she left the shipyard. Parts of the interview are overlaid with images of Titanic being built and dramatisation of father and son.
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8 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

Children could write two diary entries in the role of John Parkinson. They might make notes about two key events in John's life - the day his father took him to see the Titanic and the day of the launch. As well as information gathered from the clip, children could consider the feelings and the excitement of the small boy on these two important days in his life and include these, along with pictures, in the diary entry. Alternatively the events could be recounted in a letter.