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A report about the people and landscapes of Andalucía. Manuel, a professional photographer from Almeria, talks about his dream to capture the essence of his native Andalucía in a collection of photos. He talks about the qualities of its people and captures the beauty of its landscapes on film.
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28 October 2008

Classroom Ideas

A class could use the report as an introduction to a cultural topic. Initially, a class could note down all the vocabulary associated with the images, (‘ruinos’, ‘fuentes’, ‘palacios’, ‘playas’, ‘pueblos’, ‘casas blancas’, ‘calles estrechos’, ‘mar’, ‘desierto’, ‘música’, ‘montañas’). From Manuel's account, a class could note down which character qualities he perceives to personify the people of Andalucía. The class could then research further the characteristics of the Andalucian people as part of their study of a region of Spain.