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Presenter Kirsten O'Brien shows the process of collecting ideas for and designing a carnival costume. A behind the scenes look at what it takes to put one together and create an individual costume on a chosen theme.
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26 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

Introduce younger children to the process of step-by-step costume design, using this clip to show how a simple sketch can be developed into a practical design and become a reality. Ask them to choose a theme to base the costume around and explore different images (using magazines, the internet, books and images) which could be used in the design. Let them handle swatches of different materials, textures and colours to aid their selection. If possible, have a purpose to work towards, such as a school fair or performance, local festival or carnival. Encourage collaborative working, sharing ideas and compromise, to reach agreement. Encourage broad thinking and the refining of ideas as the costume develops. Draw on experience and expertise from parents, helpers and local artists to support the project.

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