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Taken from the 'This is the Bear' series by Sarah Hayes and illustrated by Helen Craig, told in rhyming couplets. A boy and his bear go everywhere together, but one day he leaves the bear in a park. Night falls and an owl swoops and carries the bear off, then drops him in the pond. Next morning he's rescued by a man with a trombone, who takes him home and wraps him in a warm jumper. Later the boy and the bear are reunited.
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2 March 1999

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, children could discuss what Ted may feel about being left in the park. A fortune line could be used to promote conversation about how he feels at different points within the story. Ask the class to think about what the boy could do once he has realised he has lost him. Following this could be a drama activity of the telephone conversation between the boy and the police. Activities could include completing a missing persons report, focusing on descriptive language or a missing poster.