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An explanation of how the Sikh religion is based on equality and love and how this expresses itself in 'sewa', or selfless service to others. This inspired Sikhs in Hounslow, London, to organise a convoy of trucks during the Kosovo conflict, to deliver relief supplies to Albanian people. The importance of prayer during this time is discussed.
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24 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Students could identify a particular global or local conflict or issue and outline what they could do to help as individuals and why they would help. They could then write about what Sikhs might do to help them and why they would help. Ask the group - "Is there any difference?" The teacher could draw attention to the statement in the clip that Sikhism is a religion of tolerance. Students could define that term and outline what it means to the way Sikhs live their lives. Students can discuss what the value of charity is.

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