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An introduction to three types of bullying prevention strategies. This report introduces us to playground buddies whose job it is to make sure all children are involved in playtime and to try to solve any problems pupils may have. It also shows how massage in the classroom, accompanied by soft music and pictures, can relieve tension in the children when they go out onto the playground. Finally, we are introduced to mediators, children who volunteer for the task of being the sounding board for any problems children may have. Children often prefer this to confiding in a teacher.
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19 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

You could explore some imaginary scenarios with the children, for example, 'Sam's best friend is unwell and not at school today. How might a mini-bud help?' You could consider with the children the special qualities and skills needed to do a good job as a mini-bud. You could ask the children to draw a picture of a mediator, getting them to consider who the mediator is with, and what they are doing and saying. You could ask the children when they might need to relax at school and how they might do this. You could talk the children through a mini massage and relaxation activity in their chairs. Sitting comfortably, closing their eyes, using the middle finger of one hand to gently circle the palm of their other hand. Ask them how they feel and why it is important to relax.