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A brief history of sugar cane and its use. We see people eating sugar cane and buying it from a market. There is a brief history of how slaves worked in the fields to pick the crop. A man then makes a fruit juice from the cane.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, a class might be offered the challenge of working in small groups on a description of ‘la canne à sucre’, explaining to someone who has never seen it exactly what it looks like. They could work with a dictionary but have keywords such as ‘le trognon’ (the stalk), ‘comme bambou’ (like bamboo), ‘chair blanche à l’intérieur’ (white flesh inside). A creative task would be to devise their most refreshing recipe for ‘jus de fruit’, using only exotic fruits that they will have to look up for themselves, like starfruit (carambole).