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Author Jacqueline Wilson sits with three children and answers their questions about writing stories. The first is how to make stories funny. Jacqueline explains the way to include humour is to think of funny moments within the story and sing different words to make scenarios seem more amusing. She is asked how to start off a story and Jacqueline explains she usually writes in the first person as if she is talking to the reader. Finally the group discuss including sad scenarios in stories. Jacqueline explains she often includes dilemmas or sadness in her stories but tries to think of the funny side of things, so the story isn't too negative.
Let's Write a Story
This clip is from:
Let's Write a Story, Writing Academy Years 5 and 6 - Humour
First broadcast:
11 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used during an author study of Jacqueline Wilson and her style of writing. Children could use the author's hints and tips to help them with their own fictional writing. Students can use this clip alongside the texts to help them write stories with humour, issues or dilemmas. Students can write to an author asking similar questions to those found in the texts.

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