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The observable features help us to describe animals. Small distinguishing features help us to tell the difference between a rabbit and a hare. Rabbits have long ears, big eyes, thick fur and short bob tails. They are good runners and jumpers and have back legs bigger than their front legs. However, this description also fits a hare. They look so similar, that it is easy to confuse them. Hares have slightly longer black-tipped ears. Differences can also be seen in the babies - baby hares have fur, open eyes and can run within a few minutes of being born. By contrast, baby rabbits are blind, bald and stay in the nest for the first few days of their lives.
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3 March 2008

Classroom Ideas

Play the clip and then ask the children if they can remember the similarities and differences between a rabbit and a hare. The children can then be paired up and asked to identify their similarities and differences with each other. This could be their physical differences but for the more advanced children, they can be asked to compare their personalities.