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An interview with two news broadcasters demonstrates how a TV programme is made. The broadcasters talk about what they wear both on and off the programme. Then we move to Colombia where we see a programme about fashion being made.
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30 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Students could interview each other in class, asking basic questions about their life. To help them out, they could be provided with the following list of vocabulary: ‘¿Cómo se llama?’; ‘¿Dónde vive?’; ‘¿Cuál es su tipo de trabajo?’; ‘¿A qué hora empieza a su trabajo y acabe?’; ‘¿Cuáles sus programas favoritos?’; ‘¿Qué tipo de ropa prefiere llevar cuando no trabaja?’

Make sure pupil have the correct pronunciation and allow them to use a hand-out sheet if necessary. Ensure they understand the use of ‘tú’, ‘usted’, ‘vos’, ‘vosotros’ and the verbs ‘ser ‘and ‘estar’.

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