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A Little Human Planet report showing a variety of climates and the different houses people build there. Young people show their homes including tree houses, tents, stilt houses and mud huts.
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5 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to link human features (such as houses) to physical features (such as forest and ocean). The clip could be used to develop understanding about how climate and location affects the type of houses people live in. Having watched the clip, pupils could match pictures of different environments - like ocean, forest and desert - to their labels. This could be extended further by asking the pupils to match the housing type to the environment eg stilt housing - ocean. The children could be challenged to give simple reasons for their choices (eg the ocean houses have stilts to raise them above the water level). Further work could be carried out to discuss the different materials used and how they are linked to the climate and the materials available locally. Why do they use leaves for the roof? Could we use leaves for our roofing? Why not? What materials are used for our houses? Why do you think we use brick etc? There are good opportunities for cross curricular links (Art/ DT) as children could design their own house for a particular location (forest, desert, polar region), choosing materials carefully and justifying their choices linked to geographical knowledge.