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A film from Rio de Janeiro looking at the history and performance of Capoeira. Renata is a Capoeira teacher in the city. Today she is meeting with the rest of the Senzala Capoeira group to practise in the park. Capoeira is a fight, hidden inside a dance. The players wear costumes and belts like a martial art, but they sing and move to music. Capoeira has an interesting history in Brazil, dating back to the arrival of the slaves from Africa. It's athletic and spectacular to watch, and here the dancers show us the moves.
Primary Class Clips
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Primary Class Clips, Brazil
First broadcast:
11 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

This could be used to introduce dances from other cultures to a class. Children can watch the clip and discuss the timings of each move in order for dancers to move without being hurt. Movements are controlled and therefore safe. Simple sequences of movements can be practised and performed in pairs. This may work well to encourage older boys to dance.