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Joe gets a stream of unpleasant texts about his brother from Amar and Shanice who claim Joe's elder brother is a drug dealer. Joe and Eli have to decide what to do about these bullying texts. They confront Shanice and Amar but it doesn't work. Joe has to decide whether or not to tell a teacher about the problem.

Extract from the drama 'L8R Youngers', exploring the issues faced by a group of school friends.
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First broadcast:
22 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to introduce an example of a different kind of bullying at school and to raise awareness on issues such as confidentiality, disclosure and adult support. Elicit some key words mentioned in the clip and write them on the board. Ask the class to write a letter to Joe giving him some advice about his problem and telling him what they would do in his situation. Have they got any previous experience in a similar situation? Who would they talk to about it? How relevant are friends when a problem like this arises?