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A report about the workers living in Trinidad who work on gas and oil platforms. Discusses the different uses of oil and gas in the home, to fuel cars and for businesses. The workers use helicopters to fly to the platforms and work on the platforms for one week before having one week off work.
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24 April 2008

Classroom Ideas

Before viewing the clip, ask: "How do we use oil and gas?" Ask pupils to work in pairs to list all the possible uses of these commodities they can think of. Gather the results into a single class list. Ask: "Where do we get the oil and gas from?" Collect pupils' responses and ask them to locate Trinidad on a map of the world. As pupils view the clip, ask them to note as many facts as possible to use in a quiz. After viewing, divide the class into teams and ask them to generate questions and answers based on the clip, for example, "Question: What is CNG? Answer: Compressed Natural Gas." Hold a quiz tournament. Later, pupils could use websites to track down gas and oil platforms around the UK. They could plot these locations onto a map to display in the classroom.