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After a sports session at school, 13-year-old Gabriel goes to class without showering or changing his T-shirt. The girls notice that Gabriel smells. He’s embarrassed, but Tony insists it must mean that he is becoming a man. Gabriel thinks he has beaten the smell by spraying on some air freshener but he soon realises that the smell has returned. Everywhere he goes, a green B.O. monster follows him, and it's making his life miserable. Tony and Gabriel seek advice from 16-year-old Max – after all, the girls fall at his feet – and with his guidance, Gabriel defeats the B.O. monster once and for all. It's just a shame that Tony then becomes a different kind of smelly monster, by going over the top with deodorant and aftershave.
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15 May 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used as a platform to discuss a range of personal hygiene issues and, importantly, can also be employed to discuss confidence and self-esteem. You could use some recent class physical activity as a starting point and explore with the children how their bodies felt during exercise and why it is very important to wash after doing an activity that makes us hot and sweaty, emphasising that this is especially important as our bodies grow and change during adolescence. Consider what happens to our bodies and our clothes if we don't pay attention to personal hygiene as in Gabriel's case. How did this affect him? There is an opportunity here to find out or recap on learning about bacteria that cause body odour and how they like warm, moist places where they can multiply very quickly and why using deodorant or other smellies are not an effective substitute for washing. Lara's three questions could be considered. Children could draw up a checklist for preventing or reducing body odour. In pairs or small groups children could explore how they might deal with a situation where a friend has body odour then discuss as a class.