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Documentary covering the history and development of the political poster. Has the format been killed off by new media? A look at the first uses of advertising agencies by politicians and the power of negative advertising.
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4 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Ask students to list the pros and cons of using political posters compared with new media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) to attract the voting public, convey the right message and persuade them to vote for you.

Students can imagine that they are the PR advisor for a political party in the UK. Ask them to outline a publicity campaign which uses both posters and new media to promote the leader of your party to the public. "What is the main message of your campaign? How are you going to convey this? What type of images and persuasive language are you going to use?" Devise a poster, Facebook cover image and a profile picture that together represent a consistent image, explaining your choices. What information will you list in the politician’s profile on Facebook? Why?