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Angles feature in our lives in ways which we normally don't notice, even our movements. Sanjeev Kohli takes us on a trip to the hairdresser's where a stylist, Sharz Din, explains that angles are important in his technical work. We are shown how angles define a particular cut, the graduated bob. The terminology of angles is used throughout in a practical way.
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12 June 2013

Classroom Ideas

Gives learners an insight into using angles in the workplace - in a surprising situation. The clip can be used as a lesson on the terminology used in describing angles. For many this will be revision but will show these terms being used in a practical way. Learners could discuss other ways that angles feature in everyday life - in diverse ways such as in an aeroplane changing direction and in the movement of the hands of an analogue clock . Extension into calculating the missing angle in a diagram, measuring angles, making a scale drawing involving an angle. Research the use of angles in 3 figure directional bearings and consider why zeros are included when the angle is less than 100 degrees.