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Dick and Dom describe the life and work of Elsie Widdowson. She was born in 1906, and at this time people did not know much about the content of the food they ate. She published a book called ‘The Composition of Foods’ which contained details of the energy, protein and other nutritional values of many foods. Dick and Dom recreate one of her experiments to determine that there are 421 calories in 100 grams of mealworms. They then combine lemonade and mints to release energy in a demonstration of how we get energy from food. The key scientific points are made in a fun and student-friendly way.
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15 March 2013

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to introduce the children to a very important scientific investigator and to reinforce work already done about food groups and the importance of the right type of nutrition for the functioning of our bodies. Investigative work surrounding energy values of foods and daily intake could be carried out following from the part of the clip about calorific values. There is an easy to follow demonstration of how energy is created which could lead to the pupils performing their own practical tests.

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