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We meet people who tell us what they do in their free time. Two girls who do gymnastics tell us how often they train and what they think of it. Students are then asked about their passion.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used within the topic of free time. A class could work from the list of thirteen weekend pastimes, numbering them in the order given in the clip: je vais me promener (9), je vais à la campagne (5), je fais du sport (1), je lis (2), je regarde la télé (13), je me balade (11), je fais la moto (7), je vais chez mon père (6), je vais en ville (4), je fais de l’équitation (10), je sors avec mes amis (3), je pêche (8), je rencontre des amis ( 13).

Next, the class could work in pairs at translating the French list of pastimes, then adding 6 more of their own. In the second 'enquête' on passions, the class could note down, in French, six of the examples mentioned in the questionnaire.

As a creative task, class groups could choose a famous sports personality and devise a one-minute speech talking about his or her favourite sport (passion, training, where, with whom, what he/she does at the weekend, opinion of the sport).