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A short animation featuring Gigantoraptor. We see close-ups and a size comparison between Gigantoraptor and four ostriches standing on top of each other.
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8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used in a lesson on the use of hyperbole in journalism and reports. Pupils could be asked about the differences in size and level of intimidation of the very different birds and encouraged to use words drive home and exaggerate the contrast between them. This can link into the use of similes and metaphors as means of getting messages across and creating an impression of what you see to a readership who does not see it. Children could write presentational links like the ones that are used to introduce the content of a television show before the opening titles roll. Scenes could be paused and children can collate lists of powerful vocabulary to describe the scene. The paused screen/ event can be described in a short paragraph to develop setting, sentence structure and vocabulary. Children can place themselves in the scene and write in the first person from the perspective of the subject describing its emotions and its awareness of surroundings.