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Adam Hart-Davis introduces the development of farming and farming technology led by the Romans. Adam makes bread using Roman tools and ingredients whilst explaining the importance of wheat and grain to the Romans. It is estimated that 56000 loaves of bread would have been needed to be cooked each week! The Romans introduced intensive farming methods, drained marshes for more farmland and significantly improved farming tools and machinery.
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25 May 2009

Classroom Ideas

If possible, teachers could show the class what wheat looks like before it's made into flour and perhaps pupils could bake their own Roman bread. The Romans helped to modernise Britain's farming methods by inventing machinery to make farming easier and quicker. Pupils could invent a gadget that would make their lives easier. Children can use photographs, from the internet, of artefacts collected from the Roman era and try to determine their use. They could also create a timeline of significant inventions and developments from the Roman era.

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