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Phoebe is a seven-year-old girl who suffers from type 1 diabetes. Phoebe is very aware of what it means to have diabetes and its symptoms. Although she has this condition, she wants to be treated as a normal girl. She has to resist eating sweets, an issue particularly on Halloween. Phoebe is very competent in dealing with her daily medication, testing and injecting herself. She says that the injections hurt her at first but it is getting better. Phoebe has to continue with the testing during the day, even when at school. The role of Phoebe's friends is important in keeping their eye on her and getting help if they see any symptoms. Phoebe enjoys physical activities such as dancing, but has to ensure that she has regular snacks to maintain her blood sugar level.
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29 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children could have a discussion on how some medical conditions can affect our lives although we cannot see them. The clip could also be used to teach consideration of resistance skills, being tempted by things and being able to say no. Children could have a discussion about the role of a friend in offering support, being kind and thoughtful. Children could also explore the different kinds of medicines that children may have to take daily to live their lives. The clip could help to teach consideration of the role of medicine as drugs to keep people alive.