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What is involved in developing flight simulators? On a plane the safety of all passengers is in the hands of the pilot. To develop the necessary skills, pilots use flight simulators before flying with passengers. The machine moves, feels and visually displays images which would be experienced by pilots on a real plane. A graphic designer takes photos from around the airport and uses aerial images to add to the computer model so the images displayed from the cockpit windows of the simulator are as realistic as possible. Pilots have to fly at night as well as during the day, so we also see how the night images are created. Viewers are given the chance to watch a short daytime sequence and imagine what they would see at night in terms of lights.
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12 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as part of a Computer Aided Design piece of work, where the teacher could ask the children to design a futuristic plane that moves in a special way rather than just like a normal plane. The children could work outside in the outdoor environment and, moving along a given path, the partner of the child could put a semi opaque scarf around their partners head to simulate a semi dark atmosphere outside. The child with the scarf on could try to navigate the same path but in relative darkness - simulating the plane landing at night. As part of a Literacy topic the children could be asked to write a diary entry about a trip on a plane to a faraway destination.