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Combining 3D CGI graphics with a real life story, this clip questions what 'sight' really is and where it happens. The clip emphasises that what we see is a picture created by our brain based on nerve impulses from our eye. The story unfolds to show a man who has been blind for 25 years who can now 'see' well enough to climb. This is a result of a new piece of technology that turns electrical data from a camera into impulses sensed by his tongue. Using this bit of kit, we seem him climbing and playing with his children.
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28 September 2011

Classroom Ideas

This is a good resource to emphasise the role of the brain in sight. It could be used to stimulate class discussion about the way the nervous system works and how it can adapt. Students could put on blindfolds and attempt to negotiate their way around a certain route using their senses of hearing and touch, to illustrate how the brain can help us navigate using information from several sources. It is also a great example of 'How Science Works' putting the technology development in context.