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A song and images are used to describe the problems faced when travelling in extreme weather. For example, a plane grounded by a storm, a ferry being tossed on the sea, a skidding car, wind too strong to walk in, or hail stones.
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2 October 2008

Classroom Ideas

This is a fun way to explore the way in which weather affects us - how we behave, what we wear, what we eat and what activities we can take part in. This song could be used as an introduction to a practical lesson where pupils are given a card with a weather condition written on it (stormy, windy, sunny). Either using some of the examples from the clip, or creating some of their own, the children could mime an activity which shows the weather depicted on their card (eg windy - being tossed about on a boat, wrapping up tight etc). The rest of the class have to guess which weather condition they are illustrating. To follow up, pupils could think about the activities that are impossible to do in certain weather conditions and list them as a class table on the board eg sunny - can't ski, needn't wear warm layers, can't go sledging. As an individual task, children could imagine they are packing to go on holiday to a country with extreme weather. Select a weather condition from the clip and make a list of the clothes they might need to pack to prepare for their experience.

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