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One of the main messages Harper Lee wants to convey in her novel is that prejudice stems from ignorance and challenging accepted prejudices is a courageous and admirable move. The enigmatic, reclusive character of Boo Radley is also mentioned.
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6 July 2010

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to explore or revise the themes of the novel as well as the character of Boo Radley. Students can prepare for viewing by discussing: what is the novel about? Which character do you think is the most important (or, for a more closed question: what is the significance of Boo Radley?). After watching, they can summarise Smith's opinions on the subjects he focuses on, then consider how far they agree. They can then imagine they have been asked to write the summary for the programme instead of Smith and pick the key passage they would choose to encapsulate their vision of the book.

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