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A detailed profile of Gigantoraptor, the largest feathered creature ever discovered. We find out where this strange creature lived, what height they would grow to and how it used its vicious claws. Geological evidence proves how we know it actually existed and we are shown what this creature used its feathers for. See what happens to presenter Jem in the lab when he tries to find out how much force a Gigantoraptor egg could withstand.
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8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used in a lesson on how evidence can be used to create an image or impression of something we have never seen. Pupils could be asked to think about how the makers of the clip came up with the impression of the Gigantoraptor that we now see. They can be asked to write down the different evidence and then use it to create instructions on drawing an impression of the Gigantoraptor.

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