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The Jourde family and Hakim M'Barek are interviewed about their shopping preferences. The Jourdes prefer the market for the ambience and freshness of the produce, whereas Hakim prefers the supermarket because he can buy more things and it is cheaper. In addition to food the Jourdes buy flowers at the market and Hakim buys petrol at the supermarket because it is much cheaper.
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24 April 2007

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to revise food and drink vocabulary. Can be used for a discussion on the differences between English and French eating habits. Grammatically can be used to teach 'plus (de)' and 'moins (de)'. Can also be used to discuss healthy and unhealthy eating habits and differences between shopping in a market as opposed to a supermarket. Pupils could design a poster as part of a health campaign, including foods featured in the clip, and categorise them as healthy or unhealthy.

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