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The director investigates how knowledge of Lady Macbeth’s secret changes the lives of the doctor and lady-in-waiting.

LADY MACBETH Aislín McGuckin
DOCTOR Christopher Wright
LADY-IN-WAITING Madeline Appiah
SEYTON Jamie Beamish
DIRECTOR Michael Boyd
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First broadcast:
15 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful to help raise questions about the characters of the Doctor and the Gentlewoman and how knowledge of Lady Macbeth's dark secret will affect them. After watching the workshop ask the students to consider the following questions: "What have the director and actors decided is the relationship between the doctor and gentlewoman? Is this a choice made for this production or is it something Shakespeare has written in the text? What are the dangers for the doctor and gentlewoman of over-hearing the Queen? What effect do they think the Macbeths' reign has had on ordinary people?"

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