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The reporter visits a young girl's house in Kenya. The girl gives a tour of the house visiting the sitting room, office, dining room, bedrooms, TV room and garden. The girl shows the banana, avocado and mango trees as well as the flowers in the garden. The reporter notes that houses and gardens on the outskirts of a Kenyan city or town are larger than those in Britain.
Primary Geography
This clip is from:
Primary Geography, Kenya - Daily Life in Urban Kenya
First broadcast:
18 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could be challenged to make a list of similarities and differences of towns in Kenya to those in Britain. Using their creativity, pupils could draw and label a typical house in Britain (perhaps their own home) and a typical house in Kenya to highlight their key features. Pupils may present their images to their classmates, discussing the challenges and advantages of each home. Pupils may be encouraged to suggest fruit and vegetables that they could plant in their own gardens in order to cultivate home grown foods. This may also inspire a school vegetable patch.