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A young boy goes to visit his grandmother with his family. We are introduced to the family members. They are celebrating Mother's Day by giving presents. Young people are asked who they go to visit. The young boy plays a piano piece for his family as he loves playing jazz.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used in conjunction with the topic of family. A class might watch the first section, about packing to go away, with a list of eight possible things to take, four of which are featured in the clip; une paire de chaussettes/un pyjama/deux t-shirts/une trousse de toilette/une paire de chaussure/un pantalon/deux livre/les articles de toilette. In the section on introducing the family, the class could have a list of family members that needs to be numbered in chronological order; ma grand-mère (4), mon petit frère (1), mon père ( 5), ma mère (3), mes soeurs (2). Pupils could be asked to find out how to say five further family members, then, in pairs, they could introduce their family members with a photo.