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Children in a west London primary school discuss the different languages they use - how, for example, in the playground they use a mixture of English and Punjabi. They translate a 'Meg and Mog 'picture book from English into Punjabi, discussing how the sentence structure differs between the languages. Punjabi places the verb at the end of a clause. The Punjabi alphabet has more letters than English and is written as 'hanging' from lines, rather than sitting on top of them. The story is also told in sign language.
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4 July 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to help children appreciate the language and cultural differences between themselves and others. Discussions could begin by looking at the variety of languages spoken by children at their own school and how children from different backgrounds communicate with each other. After watching the clip, children could be encouraged to learn words and phrases from other languages represented within their group. It also provides opportunities to explore and celebrate our cultural diversity.