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Internationally renowned architect David Adjaye showcases two famous examples of brutalist English architecture in Portsmouth and London. Constructed in Portsmouth in the mid 1960s, the Tricorn Centre was a well-known example of brutalist architecture which was demolished in 2004. In 2001 it was voted by BBC Radio 4 listeners as the most hated building in the UK, although it is admired by many others including David Adjaye. David shows us around the centre explaining its history. We see how the centre provided shops, apartments, a nightclub and car park within one concrete structure. Another structure, the London Southbank Centre, is also showcased. This is a similar example of 1960s brutalist architecture and houses the famous Hayward art gallery.
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11 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

This provides an illustration of how the built environment has developed and changed over time, and the factors influencing changing styles and approaches to design. Following the clip, students could be asked to consider how buildings have changed over time. This might be achieved through an assignment involving them identifying buildings constructed during different periods and explaining the differences in style and materials used. Consider the processes involved in using different materials and how they influence the design process. Research the impact of a wide range of factors which influence the development and design of the built environment.

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