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At Holderness on the east coast of England, several metres of the coastline can disappear overnight. Sue Earl was a farmer affected by this drastic erosion. She watched her home and farm crumble into the sea. This happened very quickly because the Holderness coast is made up of glacial till - a type of soft boulder clay.
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22 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pupils may wish to write newspaper reports documenting the events that lead to the destruction of Sue Earl's house and farm as a result of coastal erosion. Within their newspaper reports, pupils may be guided to drawing diagrams to describe the process by which erosion caused the destruction of the cliff and the buildings upon it. After watching this clip, rich discussion might involve the advantages and disadvantages of building settlements and farms on coastal cliffs. Pupils may also use diagrams and explanations to describe the reasons for the erosion of the Holderness coast.