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Tess follows the River Forth from the historic town of Stirling to the Port of Leith. Leith is Edinburgh's busy port at the mouth of the Firth of Forth and has many attractions. Old buildings have been converted into flats and it is where the Royal Yacht Britannia is moored (once used by the Queen for her holidays). Tess walks up the historic Royal Mile from the Scottish Parliament buildings to Edinburgh Castle, which is situated right at the top.
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6 March 2008

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to allow pupils to discover why tourists might visit Edinburgh. Before watching the clip the pupils could be asked what they enjoy doing on holiday. They could suggest one reason why they might like to visit or live in Edinburgh. Once the clip has finished, a list of reasons could be compiled from their feedback. Other images of Edinburgh could be presented to the children to expand the list (ice skating rink, zoo). The children could then role-play travel agents or estate agents who have to explain the many reasons for visiting or living in Edinburgh.

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