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A look at climate change over a range of timescales. Long term influences on the Earth’s climate include: the orbital path of the Earth, the tilt and wobble of its axis of rotation, and fluctuations in the Sun’s output. The clip also includes a look at how changes in albedo and increased urbanisation have influenced global temperatures. No narration.
Curriculum Bites
This clip is from:
Curriculum Bites, Future Landscapes: Climate Change and Urbanisation
First broadcast:
18 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Give the class the statement - "There is NO evidence for climate change." Explain to them that they are going to argue against this statement but must have evidence to do so. Show the class the clip and then in groups, give them a short period of time to write their response to the statement. They could then read out their statements in turn and could award each other scores depending on how many pieces of evidence they came up with and how well they explained their evidence and linked it to the statement.